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DANYHOC Enterprises Inc

"Need the best? Ask Danyhoc"

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Welcome to DANYHOC

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DANYHOC Enterprises is a brand name in furniture production.

We design and make custom furniture to the customer's satisfaction and or specification. All our furniture are made here in our own company with all wood and other special materials. Buying from us the manufacturers, you bypass the middle men and beat the retail prices. As the name sounds, we are experts in all fields of custom made wooden furniture. Our carved furniture are hand carved with greater details groovings depicting high quality on our Beds, Dinning sets, Sofas and Chairs, Bed room furniture etc. Our restoration department also can restore your old furniture to look like new. Think it, we are equal to the task.


DANYHOC Furniture is here to give you some unique custom made furniture that you can not find anywere else. We value our customers as we listen to individual needs, use your choice of materials; wood, fabrics or leather and color to give you the very best for your money's worth. Explore our web site and you will find many exciting, new, unique and extinguished foreign accentuated furniture by virture of the trainings, expertise and background knowledge of the makers. Check how you could give your home a turn around transformation using high quality custom made furniture made with specially picked materials to improve the esthetics of your home, bringing out your qualities as an esthete which you are.


Look like a King and live as one!


Seeing is believing and a trial will convice you;
Viewing our work will endear you to buy from us and direct others also to benefit from our unparalleled work. With years of training and experience in two foreign Countries, we assure you the best quality, exotic and indigenous furniture according to what your taste is. We take time to design our furniture and also accepts client's own design to suit their egos. To show our commitment to you, we give 10 years guarantee on most of our products. We are kind, considerate and will deliver the order to you within the specified time. You have the privilage of dealing direct with us, the manufacturers and an opportunity of your choice of design, wood and other materials. For greater details proceed to "about us".

DANYHOC Enterprises Furniture Experts Inc.
Cell: 813-9095533
Address: 10022 N 30th St., Tampa,